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Bi-Tron Australia - XSNano Australia and New Zealand - Lubrication Solutions Pty Ltd

BiTron Australia - Bi-Tron Australia Is owned by Lubrication Solutions Pty Ltd - New technology XSNano lubrication protects your engine and machinery, giving you more power, massive fuel savings and reducing exhaust emissions.

XSNANO fuel additive is a high-tech product that has combined such technologies as liquid phase nanotechnology and radiation chemical engineering, and is currently the world’s most advanced fuel additive and also the most efficient clean fuel additive. With a solid foundation in international scientific research and talents, the company has been constantly developing high-tech nanotechnology series products. Our company’s goal is to integrate the latest technology with business and civil use and is committed to protecting the environment and benefiting the society.
XSNano can give up to 28% better fuel economy. Up to 34% more power. Up to 98% less emissions.
Super-concentrated -1ml treats 10 litres of fuel (50ml bottle treats 500 ltrs of fuel) so easy to freight and store. (Non DG)
. Environmentally friendly – reduce harmful exhaust pollution up to 98%
. Effectively inhibit or eliminate carbon deposits in combustion chamber including the spark plug, fuel spray nozzle, gas inlet valve, gas exhaust valve etc.
. Clean Carbon and colloid and impurities from the fuel system.
. Increases octane rating of petrol by 4-8 RON and Cetane in diesel.
. Reduces Maintenance Costs and extends engine life.
. Fuel will not suffer condensation and stratification.  
XSNano CAN NOT cause any damage to engines.

 A must for any vehicle or machine to prevent friction and wear, extending the life of your investment. It can dramatically reduce carbon emissions, and keep your engine clean.
XSnano lubrication prevents wear, increases power and reduces fuel costs in all engines and machinery. More Power, Less Fuel and no diesel bug in fuel.

Note - Bi-Tron Australia is the registered business name for Lubrication Solutions P/L and has been since 2004.

XSNano is New "Nano" technology far better than anything we have seen in the past 20 years.

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Use up to 28% less Fuel

Get up to 34% more Power

Up to 98% less Emissions

Clean carbon and colloid

Clean injectors and lines

Eco - Friendly Products

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No more full tank empty wallet

Go further on the fuel you buy

Lubrication Solutions P/L ACN 137 619 857 trading as Bi-Tron Australia since 2004  ABN 46 137619857

XSNano is suitable for all vehicles and engines (large or small) and is only available online at or through your local distributor.

"Turn ordinary fuel into super fuel with XSNano"

First of all; XSNano is designed to lubricate and clean your fuel system and engine so your vehicle is running in peak condition and protected, providing a cleaner more complete burn of fuel and eliminating carbon and colloid deposits in engines.

Best of all; XSNano does this so well that it actually saves you far more than it costs. Unlike other products that cost you money.

XSNano can improve fuel economy up to 28%, reduce carbon emissions and NOx gasses up to 98% and increase vehicle power up to 34% with absolutely no modifications to engines or fuel systems, and because XSNano is so concentrated is easy to freight and store. (1 ml per 10 ltrs of fuel).

XSNano is guaranteed not to void any warranty or cause and damage to engines or fuel systems.

Transport Industry Savings

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Transport and trucking 

We have Trucks and Road Trains getting over 20% better fuel economy, running cleaner with more power and far less mechanical problems, means better profit margins and longer lasting equipment. And no more diesel bug.

Mining and Agricultural

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Farm and mining equipment                 

 Mining and farming equipment that can operate longer reducing down time and lost productivity. Emission reduction up to 98% means cleaner operations and environment protection.

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Mining Equipment

The mining industry knows all too well that if one machine stops so do others that rely on it. Keeping equipment operating reliably in good condition is essential.

Reduce emissions and save money

Best results use NDA for Diesel and NLA for all oils

Contact us directly for bulk pricing.


Any machinery using large amounts of fuel can save large amounts of money by reducing fuel consumption and reducing friction and wear on all moving parts and reduce emssions.

Best results use NDA for Diesel and NLA for all oils

Contact us directly for bulk pricing.


Reduce carbon emissions and save money.

XSNano can dramatically reduce exhaust emissions and virtually eliminate carbon and colloid deposits from engines, Continual use of XSNano in fuel and oil will ensure your engine runs clean and protected to extend engine life and improve performance.

These emission tests clearly show the massive reduction in emissions especially carbon (CO)

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Toyota Landcruiser in Northern Territory                                                                   


 We live two and a half hours west of Darwin and I do a lot of kilometres around the Northern Territory in my 2002 HZJ79 Toyota Landcruiser. About two years ago I was talked into trying a new XSNano fuel saver and lubricant by a mate of mine, and I must say I was very sceptical and reluctant to try it, but eventually gave it a go. I didn’t notice any benefit at first, and was told to check my fuel filter. It was black and filthy,  See pic below   

After the filter change I immediately noticed a vast improvement in fuel economy and power, and it seemed to just keep getting better.

Now I am getting over 800 kilometres out of a tank of diesel that used to only give me about 600 kilometres, and that is a 30% saving.

Now everything on my property has XSNano in it (all the oils and fuels I use) and I highly recommend it to everyone.

I have seen a lot of crap over the years that does not work, but XSNano is amazing, and it certainly does work.

R Cash 


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Why must we all use fuel additives?

To say the fuel on sale today is pretty ordinary would be an understatement, and even the fuel companies themselves are running adds to promote their “cleaner” premium fuels at a higher price to “reduce clogging engines”.

Fuel additives have come a long way in the past few decades. The biggest breakthrough is the “Nano” fuel additives that can turn ordinary fuel into super fuel.

No need to pay premium prices for fuels any more when using XSNano additives, you can use the lower priced fuels (even in high performance engines) and save that extra expense. The XSNano additives can raise the octane and cetane in fuel; they will burn off Carbon and colloid deposits in engines, keep the injectors and internal parts clean and lubricated, reduce exhaust emissions and improve the performance of all engines.

Today’s engines are highly sophisticated pieces of machinery, and injectors have intricate parts that must be kept clean and free running to enable the fine spray for injected fuels into the combustion chamber.

XSNano can provide a more complete burn of fuel (Diesel or Petrol) and this will result in far better fuel economy, more power and enormous reduction of harmful exhaust emissions keeping your engine clean and running free of deposits that can clog the system and reduce performance. XSNano can also burn moisture in fuel eliminating the risk of bacteria growth such as diesel bug keeping fuel tanks and fuel lines clean and free flowing.

Using these additives will not only protect your engines it will also save you a lot of money.

Some fuel companies themselves will not be racing to introduce this new technology as it will reduce their fuel sales. So it is up to the individual owner to educate themselves about this amazing new “Nano” technology.  Additives used to be a dirty word, but now they are an essential application to provide economy, performance and longevity of all machinery and most fuel companies actually have their own additives now, but you can bet they won’t reduce fuel consumption.

XSNano fuel additive is concentrated and added to fuel at a ratio of only 1;10,000 (one mil per ten litres of fuel) so you don’t need to carry bulky containers or modify your engine or fuel system. Just add a few drops to your fuel and you’re done. XSNano also has an oil additive which can be added to any type of oil.

Often times your vehicles are one of the largest investments you make, so it makes good sense to protect your investment. And if you can save money as you do, then that is a welcome bonus these days.


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XSNano works with all engines and fuel systems, old or new, all engines can benefit from using XSNano.

Fuel costs and maintenance are the biggest expenses in any business, and XSNano not only reduces fuel costs, it also prevents unessesary maintenance and keeps your fuel lines and injectors clean and operating as they should.

Many engines have been destroyed by carbon build up especially common rail diesels. XSNano can prevent carbon build up in all engines and suitable for ALL fuels.

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Engine Protection

Use XSNano to reduce friction and wear on all metal parts, prevent wear and extend the life of your equipment.

Fuel Economy

Improve fuel economy up to 28%, clean injectors and fuel lines, eliminate carbon and colloid deposits in your engine and keep them clean.

Reduce Emissions

Reduce up to 98% of Carbon and NOx gasses to keep your engine clean and protect the environment.

We can all do something to reduce carbon emissions now.

Cut Carbon Build Up

Remove carbon and colloid deposits from engines and keep them clean and protected.

Why use XSNano? Because it works!  See what customers are saying here

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